Please note that the recruitment of patients to VIABLE clinical trial was successfully completed.


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Participating Medical Centers

You have entered website for VIABLE study – phase III global clinical trial for prostate cancer treatment (DCVAC/PCa). This clinical trial is intended for patients with metastatic castration- resistant prostate cancer, who meet the entry criteria and consent to participate.

Only a physician conducting a clinical evaluation of an investigational treatment DCVAC/PCa can decide whether or not a patient can be included in a clinical trial. This is based on the criteria defined in the study protocol which is approved by the health care authorities.

The term “investigational treatment” means that it has not yet been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of prostate cancer.

You can find the participating medical centres listed below.


Participating Medical Center Address Principal investigator Phone  
CRO Aviano - Dipartimento di Oncologia
Via Franco Gallini 2,
33081 Aviano - PN
Dr. Lucia Fratino +39 043 465 9048 E-mail
Unità Operativa (U.O.) di Oncologia, Azienda Ospedaliera Spedali Civili Brescia
Piazzale Spedali Civili 1,
25100 Brescia
Prof. Alfredo Berruti +39 030 399 5410 E-mail
A.O.U. "Policlinico - Vittorio Emanuele" - Oncologia Medica
Via S.Sofia,
78 - 95123 Catania
Prof. Héctor Soto Parra +39 095 378 1496 E-mail
A.O. Ospedale Santa Croce e Carle di Cuneo - S.c. Oncologia Medica di Carle
Via Antonio Carle,
12100 Confreria - Cuneo
Dr. Paola Vanella +39 171 616 792 E-mail
A.O. "Istituti Ospitalieri di Cremona" - U.O. di Oncologia
Viale Concordia,
1 - 26100 Cremona
Dr. Rodolfo Passalacqua +39 037 240 8035 E-mail
Oncologia Medica B – Università di Roma “Sapienza”
Viale Regina Elena, 324,
00161 Roma
Prof. Enrico Cortesi +39 064 462 982 E-mail
A.O.U. Senese - Policlinico Santa Maria Alle Scotte - U.O.C. Immunoterapia Oncologica
Viale Bracci 16,
53100 Siena
Prof. Michele Maio +39 057 758 6336 E-mail
Oncologia Medica Ospedale S. Vincenzo
Contrada Sirina,
98039 Taormina
Prof. Francesco Ferraù E-mail